Announcement: Partnership with Orthodontic Products magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Orthodontic Products Magazine and Details Marketplace Announce Strategic Partnership 

  • Details Marketplace is the first online marketplace built by an orthodontist for orthodontists.

  • Orthodontic Products magazine is the #1 source for orthodontic product information. 

  •  Details Marketplace and Orthodontic Products magazine have begun collaboration to dramatically simplify product research, reviews, and purchasing for orthodontists and their staff. 

Kansas City, MO – September 18, 2019 – MEDQOR LLC, the parent company of Orthodontic Products magazine, and Orthodontic Details Marketplace are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to simplify the product research and purchasing process in orthodontics.

"It's 2019 and yet we're still buying products as if it's 1999," says Dr. Jeff Biggs, Founder of Details Marketplace. "So we built the website our staff wanted to use to buy products, and are making it available to other practices." 

Details Marketplace—currently in a closed pilot—is an easy-to-use website that allows orthodontists and their staff to see transparent pricing and buy from multiple suppliers with just a few clicks.

This focus on making life easier for orthodontic practices caught the eye of the team at Orthodontic Products magazine. "This is simply the natural progression of consumer buying habits. Orthodontists and their staff are used to shopping online in their personal lives; they expect the same ease of purchasing in their professional lives, " says Alison Werner, Chief Editor of Orthodontic Products. "Moreover, they want pricing, product information, and reviews up front to make sure they are buying the right product at the right time for their practice. The Details Marketplace site is a step in this direction." 

“Orthodontic Products focus has always been about reporting on the latest clinical and management products today so readers can implement them into their practices tomorrow,” said Werner. “Our partnership with Details Marketplace will only influence us in that it will keep us better informed of the continuing and evolving needs of our readers to deliver them reporting that will feed their practice success.” 

Suppliers like TP Orthodontics were among the first to recognize the need to make life easier for orthodontic buyers. 

“We believe doctors and their staff should have easy access to information that helps them make informed buying decisions, and if ordering from multiple companies can be simplified it’s a win-win for suppliers and their customers. This is why we were excited to join the Details Marketplace and look forward to seeing what collaboration between Orthodontic Products and Details will produce.”

-Sandra Hoefer, VP of Global Marketing, at TP Orthodontics

Serving the orthodontic industry for over 25 years, Orthodontic Products magazine is foundational to the industry, with more than 9,000 orthodontists receiving the publication each month and more than 12,000 orthodontists and their staff receiving the weekly digital email. 

"When I'm researching products, Orthodontic Products magazine is my go-to resource," Biggs said. "So when they shared some of the innovative ways they’re going to make product research easier for orthodontists I knew there would be an opportunity to collaborate.” 

The two companies will be working closely on multiple projects across 2019 and 2020, the first of which being announced in the coming months. "Details Marketplace intimately understands the pain practices feel because they’re practitioners themselves. They’ve built a platform that translates that understanding into a real solution for orthodontic product buyers,” MEDQOR Chief Operating Officer, Dan Barker said. “As we’ve watched orthodontic practices join the platform, we’ve seen how this concept is a home run for orthodontists, product manufacturers, and marks real progress for the industry and the consumer experience.” 

For more information about Details Marketplace contact: 

Nick Wangler

Managing Partner

For more information about Orthodontic Products magazine or MEDQOR contact:

Dan Barker

Chief Operating Officer


MEDQOR is a leader in the medical device intelligence marketplace helping drive rapid adoption to improve patient outcomes. MEDQOR technology marries data correlation with machine learning into one data analytics platform. Employing their unique technology, MEDQOR generates strategic insights across the entire healthcare economy with specific regard to market share expansion and identification of unmet demand opportunities. MEDQOR has more than 500 client partners across the healthcare industry. 

Details Marketplace is the first in a series of industry ventures from Dr. Jeff Biggs, a practicing orthodontist with more than 20 years of experience. It is the first two-sided marketplace in orthodontics and is currently in a closed pilot with selected practices and suppliers. General availability coming late 2019. 

Practices can sign up for early access by clicking here.

Suppliers can learn how to join Details Marketplace by emailing

Nick Wangler
AAO Highlights Details Marketplace

We’re thrilled to share that Details Marketplace was recently featured in the AAO’s Practice Management Bulletin.


We love more practices hearing the Details story, especially from the two groups we care about most: orthodontists and their staff.

It's clear that Details Marketplace is being run by an orthodontist, because they're really focused on making life easier for practices.

-Dr. Stephen Powell

You can read the piece in its entirety in print, or by accessing the digital version here.

Nick Wangler
Introducing: The Orthodontic Details Marketplace
Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 1.39.43 PM.png

Details Marketplace is the first one-stop-shop for orthodontic products.

Through the Details Marketplace website, orthodontists and their staff will be able to:

  • See transparent pricing and discover products from top suppliers.

  • Read reviews from trusted orthodontists.

  • Buy from multiple suppliers in just a few clicks.

This summer we will begin a closed pilot with select suppliers and practices.


Request a Pilot invite here.

Want to learn more?

Read this letter from our founder, Dr. Jeff Biggs, a practicing orthodontist with over 20 years of experience.

Nick Wangler
A letter from our Founder

I graduated residency June 1999.

Guess what?

Twenty years later, we still buy orthodontic products the same way.

Surprise visits from sales people we try to avoid, stacks of catalogues we don’t have time to read, and countless phone calls to fix issues with orders. The introduction of email and buying products through supplier’s websites has only added to the number of hurdles we have to navigate.

One year ago, I decided I’d had enough.

My staff and I began a process of deep research to better understand why purchasing is still so messy for orthodontic practices. We interviewed the top suppliers in the industry. Learned how practices across the country handle purchasing.

A year of listening and learning later, we’re almost ready to pull back the curtain on brand new technology built specifically to make purchasing easier for orthodontic practices.

After building relationships with practices across the country one thing is clear: we are privileged to work in an industry of extraordinary professionals. And we believe it’s time those professionals have the modern tools they need to run their business.

Stay tuned.

-Dr. Jeff Biggs

Nick Wangler