A letter from our Founder

I graduated residency June 1999.

Guess what?

Twenty years later, we still buy orthodontic products the same way.

Surprise visits from sales people we try to avoid, stacks of catalogues we don’t have time to read, and countless phone calls to fix issues with orders. The introduction of email and buying products through supplier’s websites has only added to the number of hurdles we have to navigate.

One year ago, I decided I’d had enough.

My staff and I began a process of deep research to better understand why purchasing is still so messy for orthodontic practices. We interviewed the top suppliers in the industry. Learned how practices across the country handle purchasing.

A year of listening and learning later, we’re almost ready to pull back the curtain on brand new technology built specifically to make purchasing easier for orthodontic practices.

After building relationships with practices across the country one thing is clear: we are privileged to work in an industry of extraordinary professionals. And we believe it’s time those professionals have the modern tools they need to run their business.

Stay tuned.

-Dr. Jeff Biggs

Nick Wangler